CT LAB in Australia

We are proud to introduce our products (Impedo Duo & Vecto II) and support software (Osprey Lite) to the Australian market at the AUPEC 2015 conference.

CT LAB is a South African based developer of Power Quality monitoring instrumentation and support software with more than 25 years of experience.

Our technology fully complies with the latest IEC61000-4-30 Class-A (Edition 3) requirements. Our Support SW automatically classifies data according to international norms and standards. Recorded data is presented in numerous tabled, interactive graphical, animated and reporting formats.

Unique to our instruments are the ability to synchronise clocks down to ± 100ns from absolute time. This feature provides users the ability to compare waveform data recorded at different locations. XrossTrigger® and Snapshot® mechanisms enable recording of perfectly synchronised event data at different remote locations.

For a first-hand experience please visit us at exhibition Stand #9 or contact us at BusinessDevelopment@ctlab.com

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