CT LAB in Sandton

The AMEU is hosting its 25ht Technical Convention at the Sandton Convention Center, 4 – 7 October 2015. 

For a first-hand experience on the new CT LAB Class A certified instruments, visit us at exhibition Stand #42

Interesting Fact #1

CT LAB has been involved in the power quality industry for over 25 years!

Our first Voltage Dip & Profile Recorder called ProvoGraph was developed in 1990. The VectoGraph was our first Voltage Quality Recorder. It was born during the same time as the QWAVE from then ACTL. The VectoGraph became the PQ monitoring instrument of choice in the entire Southern African region. Our customers included Eskom, Tanesco, Nampower and almost the entire South African municipal market. During this period CT LAB actively participated in Cigre and Southern African Power Quality working groups. 

Make sure to visit the AMEU Historical Exhibition at the convention to view these trusted legacy instruments. 

Interesting Fact #2

Excitement is all around Sandton due to the EcoMobility Festival taking place at the same time as the AMEU Convention. EcoMobility is an environmentally friendly way of moving that aims to decongest major cities. The goal is to reduce the number of private cars on the roads to allow free movement of people around our cities.  Read more..



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