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Why measure power quality?

CT Lab is a specialist electronic company focusing on Power Quality solutions.CT Lab is the only manufacturer in Africa of Class A and B PQ instruments with a history of more than 20 years.CT Lab’s reputation is the result of a commitment to excellence in PQ hardware and software developed.// Since 1993 CT Lab has been transforming and enhancing Power Quality measurement and monitoring. PQ instruments ranging from our flagship, the Class A ImpedoDUO producing network coherent data within 200 ns, to cost effective voltage only Class B instruments are on offer.

  • Free software with instruments for NRS 048/IEC 61000-4-30 classification and to generate compliance reports.Proper database application allow  on-line management of PQ on a subscription basis.
  • Training on basic to advanced PQ topics.
  • Specialist investigations and PQ mitigation solutions.
  • PQ benchmarking and annual reporting to Energy Regulator.
Energy regulators often require that the Electricity Supply Industry (ESI) implement a quality assurance program.

  • A PQ monitoring system produce the data needed for a PQ Management program.
  • PQ management contain risk to industry and is an important contributor to sustainability in the ESI.
  • On-line visibility on network performance simplifies network operation.
  • A PQ management system assigning direction to voltage dips assigning ownership and responsibility to a specific network (and the operators).


Tel: +27 (21) 880 9915

Fax: +27 (21) 880 1088

Email: info@ctlab.com

15 Termo Lane
Techno Park
Stellenbosch, South Africa

P.O. Box 897

Office Hours: 08h00 – 17h00        (Time Zone UCT +02:00)
Monday to Friday, excluding South African Public Holidays

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groupCT Lab is a technology company based in the Techno Park, Stellenbosch, South Africa. The company was founded in 1993 and has since gained valuable local and international experience in the field of Power Quality Measurement and information processing.

The company is aggressively oriented towards technology development, investing free operating funds in the establishment of technology and new product development.

CT Lab’s main product line is power quality instrumentation. (Other products include specialised leakage current -monitoring instrumentation systems and under-frequency relays). With more than 80% local market share CT Lab has become the PQ instrument supplier of choice in South Africa and Southern Africa.

Our customers include Eskom, all the South African Metros, most of the local municipalities, Nampower, Namibian Electricity Control Board (ECB), Zesco, Tanesco, Israel Electrical Company and PPC in Greece. Our market was established by NERSA (National Energy Regulator) through a national standard called NRS048. This standard defines the minimum level of quality of electricity and it has become part of the license conditions of any licensee that wants to resell electricity. The entire Southern African region has adopted NERSA’s power quality regulations and most neighboring countries already formed national energy regulators based on NRS048 legislation.

Today most of our clients have demonstrated the value of PQ monitoring as a strategic and operational business tool and has exceeded the minimum requirements set out by their regulators. CT Lab has expanded its market offering to include power quality monitoring programme planning and integration services – focusing on the operational PQ information requirements of utility managers. As a result, CT Lab is also currently expanding its data and information management and reporting products, creating new revenue opportunities in additional products and the supply of outsourced data and information services to utility customers and their electricity customers.

Our customers includes Namibian Electricity Regulator (ECB), Nampower, Ekurhuleni, Buffalo City, Umhlatuze, ErongoRed, Nored, City of Windhoek,Scorpion Mine Namibia, etc. We manage data from more than 600 instruments over period of three years.

The market for Power Quality, and more specifically electricity supply performance information, is a developing market. As illustrated by the needs of electricity brokers, electricity quality and consumption information is now progressing into the business management and the trading domain.

This has created new opportunities for CT Lab’s market approach and value-added products. Significant growth is expected in this area. The practical challenges of this wider offering to the market has prompted recent initiatives to more formally distinguish, on the bases of separately accountable business-units, between the development, manufacturing and services / management consultation profiles of the business.

CT Lab also teamed up with Prof Johan Rens from North West University (Potchefstroom Campus) and a team of experienced electrical engineers to assist utilities with all operational aspects of Quality of supply and Quality of Use in electrical energy.


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